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The customer challenge


IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) proposed us to create a blended learning experience on Creative Entrepreneurship addressed to Master’s students during their internship period. The purpose of the project was to conduct training using active learning methodologies in entrepreneurship and identify potential entrepreneurs, teams and projects that could be incubated or accelerated at the end of the training period.


– Create training contents about entrepreneurship.
– Design a Challenge Based methodology to perform training.
– Design and implement an attractive and graphically customized Virtual Campus (LMS).
– Develop teaching for a period of 6 months

Target audience

Master students of IED (Istituto Europeo di Design)

Our Proposal

Creative Entrepreneurship Challenge Based Learning Subject and Connect IED

Description of the subject
The aim of the Creative Entrepreneurship subject is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to meet the challenge of entrepreneurship in any professional environment.

The subject deals with aspects such as the concept of entrepreneurship and the characteristics that an entrepreneur must have in terms of both a business and psychological attitude. It also contains an overview of the concept of success and failure and analyses cases in which startups and entrepreneurs have managed to succeed or have had to give up on their dream.

The Creative Entrepreneurship subject involves a primarily practical training process with an active methodology in which students are given a challenge to create their own startup by using a lean startup methodology. Students must analyse the most relevant existing trends that have a greater perspective of growth, propose a product or service with a viable and scalable business model by using tools such as the Business Model Canvas and finally, create their own presentation and record a pitch to present it to potential investors in the PechaKucha format.

The course follows the technique of learning based on challenges, which consists of completing different activities linked to a fictitious situation in the field of sustainability.
By following the course timetable, students independently undertake the activities provided by the challenge and present these according to the timetable proposed for the subject.
Students can find all the material they need to complete the activities linked to the challenge in the virtual classroom space. Any doubts that students may have about the activities throughout the subject can be sent to
their tutor through the subject forum. The tutor provides a response within 48 hours (maximum).
The digital platform is the official communication channel between the school and students during this subject.

Learning Goals
– To analyse and define the concept of entrepreneurship.
– To learn about models of innovation, intraenterprise and intraentrepreneurship.
– To identify and understand the characteristics that an entrepreneur must have.
– To identify and define market trends.
– To learn about and apply a lean startup model.
– To create and develop a Business Model Canvas that defines a startup’s business model.
– To create a PechaKucha format pitch and present it to potential investors.

1. What does entrepreneurship mean?
2. Successes and failures.
3. How to create your startup.
– Trends, lean startup and business plan 
– Create your startup: Business Model Canvas
– MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
4. How to communicate your startup.
– How to communicate your startup
– Present your startup
– Presenting startups to a jury of investors

Description of the Platform (ConnectIED)


Curious about the numbers? Don’t worry… These are the results of the training project in Creative Entrepreneurship

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