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The customer challenge


Our client proposed us the challenge of designing a serious game with a memorable user experience to visit shopping malls. This experience should allow visitors to obtain virtual currency, exchangeable by real offers published by retailers, through the interaction with minigames, contests as well as digital and real world elements.


– Encourage Purchases of visitors
– Discover new shops
– Boost retailers’ sells
– Foster Loyalty
– Gather visitors’ data

Target audience

– Families, young couples with children.
– Teenagers. Age group: 14-18 y.o.
– Young people. Age group: 20-35+ y.o.

Our Proposal

Location-based strategy and resource management mobile game

Goal of the game
The goal of the game is to become the biggest tycoon of the shopping centers managing the fortune efficiently to maximize the benefits and expand the empire to every Shopping mall of the world.

The “MacGillan” family has been running the “MacGillan services Corp.” and has been one of the most reputable and honored of the retail sector for many years. Recently, his most charismatic CEO “Peter MacGillan” passed away. After this unfortunate nobody is responsible and competent enough to manage this immense empire of retail and retailers and owners of shopping centers are looking for a new leadership.
A group of investors has received good references from you and believes that you are the most competent person and prepared to take over the monopoly of shopping centers.
This is your opportunity to show that you are a great connoisseur of the business of shopping centers and retail. But you will have to start from the bottom, with a minimum investment that you must manage to become the new Shopping Mall tycoon. During the game the player will taste the popularity and enjoy watching how he becomes a richer, famous and popular. The retail hall of fame awaits him!


Player needs to start from the scratch visiting the shopping mall and rent small sectors of the stors, collect the rental benefits from them and bid or buy sectors from other players. The game challenges the player offering missions containing actions (renting, collecting benefits, bidding, buying, etc.) to be performed in the shopping mall during the visit.
When the player overcomes a mission, obtains XP and Virtual Coins that he can exchange for offers. When the player exchanges the coins for an offer he gets a coupon that he must show at the store to benefit from it.


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