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ENTI – Escola de Noves Tecnologies Interactives


Game Design
Serious Games
Player Types

The customer challenge


Create a subject and do the training that allows the development of the following skills:
Basic skills:
Student will be able to identify the basic elements of an entertainment experience to be able to confront with confidende any musical, audio-visual and sonorous production of a product of entertainment.
General Skills:
Student will understand the theoretical principles and develop abilities to identify, understand and be able to create a game experience from the idea to its full conceptualization.
Specific Skills:
Be able to create a Concept Document of an entertainment experience.


– Understand or differentiate the concepts of game, play, gamification and serious game (applied game).
– Understand how entertainment experiences require motivational design.
– Have the basic knowledge about the psychology behind the game.
– Know and differentiate the different types of players.
– Have basic knowledge of game design.
– Know different frameworks for the creation of entertainment experiences.
– Be able to create a Concept Document of an entertainment experience.
– Be able to face the presentation of a concept document in front of possible investors or clients.

Target audience

Master students of ENTI (Escola de Noves Tecnologies Interactives)

Our Proposal

Entertainment technologies subject

Description of the subject
The subject of entertainment technology aims of the study and implementation of the necessary elements to create an entertainment experience both in the field of video games and gaming applied. During the development of the subject, the concepts of game, video game, gamification and serious games will be reviewed.

Likewise, the psychological foundations behind the entertainment experiences will be studied, we will work the player types and explore the knowledge bases related to Game Design that are basics for the correct conceptualization and implementation of a memorable entertainment experience regardless of the scope of application.

The project aim is to design and define a Concept Document of an entertainment experience to be presented orally to a jury.

Subject sessions are composed of a theoretical presentation by the teacher, a research and practical work by students in the creation of a concept document of an entertainment and public presentation of projects. 

1. The game
– Play
– Game
– Video games
– Applied games: Gamification and Serious Games
2. The psychology of the game
– Fun
– Motivation
– Happiness
3. The Player
– Who is the player?
– What kind of players are there?
– Personalization
4. Game Design
– Storytelling
– Mechanics
– Aesthetics
– Technology
– Framework: MDA
– Framework: Gamification Model Canvas v1.0 and v2.0
5. Case studies
– Game applied to HR
– Game applied to Education
– Business models
– Pitch elevator
6. Project:
– The concept document
– Pitch elevator


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