Designing and developing the new eCooltra App



Team Skills

User Experience Design
User Interface Design
iOS App development
Android App development
Fleet Management System integration

Client Testimonials

Geomotion Games has accompanied us during the creation of our product. Understanding and anticipating all our needs, creating a unique team environment, with outstanding technical and human qualities, and demonstrating excellent technical capacity

Roberto Lera

CTO @ Cooltra Motos

Geomotion Games has been the ideal partner to transfer our app from previous provider and bring the code home, understanding all the specified needs and requirements, complying with the agile methodology, which has facilitated constant iteration and improvement of the development.

Natalia Gabirondo

Product/App Manager @ Cooltra Motos

The customer challenge


eCooltra challenged us to completely renew its mobile application, through which its more than 1,000,000 riders make use of its motosharing and bike sharing service.

The challenge was huge: conceptualize an app from scratch, include gamification in the new user experience and user interface (UX / UI), and develop the app for mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems.

Bonus Challenge!
Geomotion Games assisted the eCooltra Human Resources department in the process of hiring 4 developers:
– Definition of the candidates’ profile.
– Publication of job offers.
– Pre-selection and technical evaluation of candidates.
– Report to HR.


– Conceptualize the new eCooltra App.
– Design a memorable user experience.
– Develop the app to adapt to the new needs of the eCooltra business.

Target audience

More than 1,000,000 Riders, users of the eCooltra App, in all the cities where it operates: Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Madrid, Rome, Milan and Lisbon.

Our Proposal

User Experience & Gamification Design

Phase 1: Co-creation

Co-creation of the user experience (UX) using Design Thinking techniques.

The co-creation process was carried out through joint, face-to-face and virtual work sessions between the eCooltra (Management, Product, Customer Success and Marketing) and Geomotion Games teams.

The result of these sessions was a set of hypotheses about the gamification model and the user experience that were validated through a survey of real eCooltra users during Phase 2.

Phase 2: User survey and data analysis

Design, creation and analysis of data from a survey aimed at real eCooltra users to validate the hypotheses defined in the co-creation phase and obtain their opinion on the App’s features.

The survey was answered by more than 22,000 users.

Phase 3: Defining user stories and user interface

Use of techniques such as User Demographics, User Scenarios, User People, User Scenarios, User Experience Map, etc. to organize the data obtained in the previous phase and define the features, user stories and user flow of the eCooltra App.

Validation of user stories by the eCooltra mangement team through an iterative process.

User Interface

In this phase, the Geomotion Games team dedicated their time to creating various versions of wireframes, mockups, prototypes and style guides for the new App.

Validation of user stories by the eCooltra mangement team through an iterative process.

App development

Iterative and incremental design, programming and testing through the use of agile SCRUM methdology for all defined user stories and features.

Each user story was completed and tested by Geomotion Games in collaboration with eCooltra technical management. This iterative process was carried out until the client was satisfied with the final result.

App release

Geomoion Games designed an iterative launch strategy based on two phases:

Closed BETA:

Publication of the BETA version to eCooltra employees and close contacts in all the cities where the service is operated to capture qualitative feedback related to the new features implemented.

Open BETA:

After adjusting the features based on the feedback received in the Closed BETA, a BETA version was opened to real users to obtain quantitative feedback to catch errors, crashes. 99% crash free was achieved in the Release Candidate.

After this iterative process, the Public Release was made on March 17th, 2020.

Stack & Skills

– Coordination of development teams based on agile SCRUM methodology.
– iOS programming language: Swift.
– Android programming language: Kotlin.
– Expert testing of mobile applications (QA).
– UI: Material Design, Illustration, animation.
– UX: Storytelling, Narratives, Gamification.
– Geolocation.
– Push notifications.
– App localization tool: Lokalise
– Maps: Mapbox.
– Backend (Fleet management System): ElectricFeel.
– Telematics: Invers
– Git.
– Workflow: Trello, Zeplin, Slack.

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