H2020 Project (Grant Agreement: 687676). Call: ICT – 22 – 2015

BEACONING stands for Breaking Educational Barriers with Contextualised, Pervasive and Gameful Learning and will focus on ‘anytime anywhere’ learning by exploiting pervasive, context-aware and gamified techniques and technologies, framed under the Problem-Based Learning approach.

Project Goals

Integrate technologies, pedagogical and social perspectives using pervasive, context-aware and gamified approaches ensuring that the BEACONING platform is innovative while also extending our scientific understanding and practice-based experiments of engaging a community of learners including those with disabilities with a more inclusive, connected and contextualised learning process.

Develop, implement and validate the BEACONING platform that:
1) leverages cutting-edge approaches including the Future Internet technology, mobile, gamification, pervasive gaming, procedural game content generation, game authoring, human-computer interfaces, learning analytics and problem-based learning model;
2) is usable, adaptable, extendable and sustainable.

Explore and measure the level of engagement, effectiveness and impact
that is enabled by the BEACONING platform towards incentivising learners and fostering acquisition and transfer of knowledge and skills, validate this through large scale pilots involving a community of stakeholders and practitioners in Europe, and provide an exploitation and business plan for the platform adoption.

Project Outcomes

Authoring Tool to create Gamified Lesson Paths

The Authoring Tool for Gamified Lesson Paths (AT-GLP) is the core structure of the BEACONING system. The main objective of this component is to map the Lesson Paths to minigames, allowing teachers to configure gamified experiences for their students

Context-Aware Challenges and minigames

Teachers can easily integrate location-based games and minigames into their Gamified Lesson Paths to create real-life learning adventures for their students beyond the physical boundaries of the classroom. 

Game and Learning Analytics

Learning analytics manages multilevel analytics through improvements to both policy and mechanism; and introduces meta-Learning Analytic Models, which characterize learning in hierarchical structures.

Project Consortium

In conjunction with 15 partners who each bring in their own expertise and technologies, the project seeks to pilot innovation in a real operational environment, aligning with DMLL’s ethos in disruptive media and the impact on changing mind-sets and creating new models and practices of teaching and learning.


DMLL – Coventry University (UK); Heriot Watt University (UK); BIBA (Germany); INESC TEC (Portugal); Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain); ORT (France); Succubus Interactive (France); ATS (Rumanía); Geomotion Games (Spain); Ifinity (Poland); Playsoft (France); Sebit (Turkey); Siveco (Rumania); Hands Free Computing (UK) and Imaginary (Italy)

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