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Your reliable SME industry partner for your  R+D+i Project With a focus on innovation related to Motivational Design and gamification for Smart Cities: Smart Culture, Smart Education, Smart Entertainment, Smart Retail & Smart Tourism, we  have a broad experience on National and International Research, Development and Innovation actions bringing methdological expertise and experiemental technology development.…
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Cross European Asian Location-based game event


The Event Gemotion Games and other Beaconing partners have lead the organization of a cross European location-based game. The event takes advantage of the geolocation technologies developed in the project by Geomotion Games to create a playful urban experience in which young citizens from all over the European continent participate in a collaborative location-based game on the same day and at…
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Pau Yanez presenting Beaconing

Geomotion Games presents BEACONING project at SpinUOC

The BEACONING project at SpinUOC by GEOMOTION GAMES On June 16th Pau Yanez, CEO of Geomotion Games, presented the BEACONING project at SpinUOC event organized by the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). #SpinUOC is the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya’s (UOC) transferable knowledge event to present the innovative solutions produced by the UOC community to society…
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