Gamificación y Geolocalización en el YOMO del MWC 2018

Geomotion Games organiza una aventura geolocalizada indoor para dinamizar y gamificar la exploración de los diferentes stands de la exposición YOMO (MWC 2018) en colaboración con el Comissionat d’Innovació i Tecnologia de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona. Durante cuatro días, YoMo Barcelona recibirá a 15,000 escolares de toda Cataluña y España en una gran exhibición de ciencia 

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Cross European Asian Location-based game event


The Event Gemotion Games and other Beaconing partners have lead the organization of a cross European location-based game. The event takes advantage of the geolocation technologies developed in the project by Geomotion Games to create a playful urban experience in which young citizens from all over the European continent participate in a collaborative location-based game on the same day and at 

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Join the BEACONING Revolution!

From Geomotion Games we are proud to publish the first video about the Beaconing platform and community produced by Imaginary. Beaconing allows you to be a part of an interactive community of teachers, students, and parents who aim to make STEM learning more fun, inclusive and grounded in reality by creating and sharing challenges that 

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