We are building the Cities of the Future

Geomotion Games is a company born in Barcelona in 2014 with the vision of reinventing the way in which people interact with the real world through the application of the Power of Play and the most advanced mobile technologies.

We firmly believe in the value that gamification, serious games, video games and digital technologies can provide to build more playable cities and we are offering consulting services in gamification and motivational design, development of mobile applications, high quality training and R+D+i actions.

At Geomotion Games we imagine that a better urban life is possible from the point of view of sustainable mobility, more socially fair and more participatory. Smart Cities in which citizens, communities, businesses and public administrations can interact naturally to improve urban life.


Our Values

Playfulness: Our team uses the game and a playful attitude as a method of interaction and learning.

Passion: We put our heart on everything we do to create a better and more funny world.

Excellent Customer Service: 
Those who trust us, educate us. Our customers deserve excellent service and attention.

Innovation and creativity: 
Thinking outside the box to create original stuff that helps people solve their problems.

Solve root problems: 
When we detect a problem, we focus on finding the solution at the root of it.

Be lean and move fast: 
Validated learning is key to make agile and correct data-driven decisions.

Personal Growth: 
We believe in our team personal and professional growth creating an ecosystem that encourage and facilitate it.

Diversity and interculturality: 
A global and interconnected world requires a team that accepts and learns about diversity and interculturality.

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