Month: January 2018


Geomotion Games al Repte Connected Car 2017

L’any 2017 Geomotion Games vam participar en el patrocini del “Repte Connected Car 2017“. Geomotion Games va formar als participants del repte en emprenedoria, gamificació i aporta recursos econòmics per al desenvolupament de la startup guanydora. El Repte Connected Car 2017 és una iniciativa publico-privada, un projecte impulsat pel Campus Motor Anoia  (Consell Comarcal de…
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Location-based Serious Games for STEM

Can you believe these boys and girls are learning mathematics and physics while having fun and discovering their surroundings? Well, yes! And it’s thanks to the Beaconing project.  Welcome to the Beaconing Revolution! #gamification #gbl #seriousgames #h2020 #learning #STEM