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We are hiring!

What we do?

Welcome to Geomotion Games, an innovative startup from Barcelona changing the way people discover the World through games, gamification, location-based technologies (indoor and outdoor) and Augmented Reality (AR). We create our own products and also help our clients in the education, smart mobility, marketing and tourist industries to create memorable experiences in the real world.

Who we are?

We are a small team of 3 people (developers and designers) working with an optimal workflow based on Scrum that allows us to create extremely innovative interactive digital mobile products in an agile way and always focused and personalized for the business objectives of our clients. We are the company to contact if they want to deal with innovative trends like gamification, location-based games for education and Human Resources (HHRR), location-based tourist guides, geomarketing and Augmented Reality.

What are we looking for?

We are very happy because we have several new projects for very important clients that allow us to grow and incorporate new people into our team. On all of them we look for people:

  • Passionate about their work.

  • Autonomous and able to manage their time but able to work as a team with other colleagues.

  • Able to explain the results of their work in a sexy way to other colleagues.

  • Eager to learn and teach every day continuously developing new knowledge and skills.

  • Optimistic, enthusiastic, encouraging, happy, confident.

  • Hard working, loyal, initiative, self-motivated, delivering tasks on time.

Below you will find a list of the open positions with their characteristics and specific requirements:

Full-stack Mobile Developer

Don't miss the opportunity to contribute to our challenging project as part of a great team of developers.

If you do not find your profile and you think your talent can bring us value, contact us too here. We will be happy to meet you.

Don’t miss the opportunity to contribute to our challenging projects as part of a great team!