Join the BEACONING Revolution!

From Geomotion Games we are proud to publish the first video about the Beaconing platform and community produced by Imaginary.

Beaconing allows you to be a part of an interactive community of teachers, students, and parents who aim to make STEM learning more fun, inclusive and grounded in reality by creating and sharing challenges that playfully connect science and technology with real people and Places! You will have fun playing, chasing clues and quests, and unlocking mini games all around your school and town, engaged in location based activities.

If you are a teacher: Beaconing allows you to connect with other teachers and learning designers to explore a growing library of adaptable learning paths in the field of STEM, or create your own according to your students’ needs!
Beaconing will definitely re-think the homework management supporting the creation of engaging learning opportunities in the real world, and thanks to the support of the xAPI analytics teachers will be able to keep track of their students’ progress, anytime, anywhere.

Join the Beaconing revolution!